Death From Above 1979 to Reissue 'You're a Woman, I'm a Machine' for Record Store Day

> Mar 28 2012

Death From Above 1979 to Reissue 'You're a Woman, I'm a Machine' for Record Store Day
By Gregory AdamsIt looks as if we spoke too soon when we revealed what we thought to be the full list of limited-edition vinyl goodies coming out this Record Store Day (April 21), because it turns out reunited punky Canadian duo Death From Above 1979 will also deliver a repress edition of their 2004 full-length You're a Woman, I'm a Machine. Granted, it's not a new album, but we'll take it.

Last Gang revealed in a blog post today (March 28) that the LP will arrive on limited pink vinyl. The vinyl edition of the album was originally pressed in a run of 1,000 on white vinyl by Vancouver imprint Ache Records, with subsequent pressings coming out on traditional black vinyl.

Additional details about the re-release aren't yet available, but if the newly pressed You're a Woman, I'm a Machine mirrors the original, it should include the vinyl bonus cut "Do It."

While copies will be shipped to participating stores, there will also be some copies of the repress available on the Last Gang webstore come April 21.

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A dream come true!!! I'm calling up the local shop tomorrow morning to see if they can reserve me a copy.
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best news all year!
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