DD/MM/YYYY Dig into the Vaults to Offer Rarities Archive

> Dec 11 2012

DD/MM/YYYY Dig into the Vaults to Offer Rarities Archive
By Alex HudsonToronto math punks DD/MM/YYYY called it quits last year and played their final show in the early hours of the morning on November 11 (that is 11/11/11). While most of the members have since gone on to form Absolutely Free, they will make their final farewell as DD/MM/YYYY by releasing an archive of rarities on December 12 (yes, 12/12/12).

The archive, which will be available through Bandcamp, will include outtakes from the albums Black Square (2009) and Blue Screen of Death (2005), four tracks from a planned (but eventually abandoned) 12-inch split with Women in 2010, live recordings, demos from what would have been the band's fourth album, and various self-recorded scraps dating back to the act's early days.

This reportedly encompasses all of the band's archival material.

All this will be available as a free download from Bandcamp. In the meantime, the Bandcamp page is stocked with the band's official releases, along with some live collections, so it's well worth checking out for those who have been missing the group since their departure.

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It's not all free. The 2011 demos are $7 and the other stuff is PWYW.
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It's all free or by donation. check again : )
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ok, when I checked before, the 2011 demos were $7 - now it's 50 cents, along with everything else.
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