Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie "Prince" Billy Announce Everly Brothers Covers Album

> Nov 19 2012

Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie "Prince" Billy Announce Everly Brothers Covers Album
By Gregory AdamsTomorrow (November 20) marks the release of Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie "Prince" Billy's tag-team holiday single "Christmas Eve Can Kill You," a cover of the Everly Brothers' 1970s original. It's now been announced that McCarthy and Oldham have even more collaborative work to share with us in the new year showcasing their devotion to the classic duo. Drag City will issue the full-album Everly Brothers tribute What the Brothers Sang on February 19.

A press release explains that the music of Don and Phil Everly made an impression on both McCarthy and Oldham in their respective childhoods, and they decided to toast the classic act by reinterpreting their songbook. While a tracklisting has yet to pop up, it seems as if we won't be treated to straight-up reworkings of hits like "Wake Up Little Susie," "All I Have to Do Is Dream" or the Everly-penned "Cathy's Clown." Apparently, What the Brothers Sang is tributary, but was made for "people who naturally might have no knowledge or experience with those songs."

While the Everly Brothers showcased distinctive vocal harmonies, the duets between McCarthy and Oldham are said to show off "a sensuous display of give and take that includes everything that's resonating in the room." Despite that sounding like the set is ultra sparse and spacious, the Don Ferguson-recorded LP features the backup band of Emmett Kelley, Dave Roe and Kenny Malone, as well as houses guest spots from Billy Contreras, John Mock, Dan Dugmore, Matt Sweeney, Peter Townsend, John Catchings, Bobby Wood, Joey Miskalin, Nils Frykdahl, Ian McAllister, Joey Baron, Dr. Chris Vivio and Noah Tag.

Song samples have yet to arrive beyond "Christmas Eve Can Kill You," but you can check out the recently revealed video for that song below.

This is the modern pair's second Drag City LP, following 2007's Wai Notes.

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