David Bowie to Release Double Live Album of A Reality Tour

> Sep 29 2009

David Bowie to Release Double Live Album of A Reality Tour
By Jason SchreursNow that David Bowie has pretty much retired, we suppose it's time for the live CDs and reissues to really start flooding the market. Following the 2004 release of the A Reality Tour DVD, ISO/Columbia/Legacy is planning an early 2010 release of a double-CD companion piece. Okay, it's been over five years since the DVD version, but things move slow in Ziggy-land.

A Reality Tour will feature 33 songs on two discs and was compiled from a pair of live shows in Dublin, Ireland in support of Bowie's last studio album, 2003's Reality. The collection includes Bowie classics like "Heroes," "Ziggy Stardust" and "The Man Who Sold the World," but also features some slightly rarer numbers, such as a cover of Pixies' "Cactus." Also, three bonus tracks are included on the second disc: "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon," "Breaking Glass" and "China Girl."

In other Bowie non-new material distractions, a 40th anniversary reissue of his second album, 1969's Space Oddity, containing demo tracks, rarities and live BBC Radio sessions, will be released in November.

A Reality Tour has a tentative release date of January 26, according to Bowie's website.

A Reality Tour:

Disc One:

1. "Rebel Rebel"

2. "New Killer Star"

3. "Reality"

4. "Fame"

5. "Cactus"

6. "Sister Midnight"

7. "Afraid"

8. "All The Young Dudes"

9. "Be My Wife"

10. "The Loneliest Guy"

11. "The Man Who Sold The World"

12. "Fantastic Voyage"

13. "Hallo Spaceboy"

14. "Sunday"

15. "Under Pressure"

16. "Life On Mars?"

17. "Battle For Britain (The Letter)"

Disc Two:

1. "Ashes To Ashes"

2. "The Motel"

3. "Loving The Alien"

4. "Never Get Old"

5. "Changes"

6. "I'm Afraid Of Americans"

7. "Heroes"

8. "Bring Me The Disco King"

9. "Slip Away"

10. "Heathen (The Rays)"

11. "Five Years"

12. "Hang On To Yourself"

13. "Ziggy Stardust"

14. "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon"

15. "Breaking Glass"

16. "China Girl"

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