Darkstar Sign to Warp Records

> Feb 15 2011

Darkstar Sign to Warp Records
By Josiah HughesIf the breakout success of James Blake is proof of anything, it's that combining the wonky structural elements of dubstep with the accessibility of electro-pop is a winning combination. Possibly partially due to that success, Blake's poppy dub kin in Darkstar have signed with UK powerhouse Warp Records for their next outing.

The trio of James Young, Aiden Walley and James Buttery attracted some major blog love for debut single "Aidy's Girl Is a Computer," eventually following it it up with the critically acclaimed North, on Hyperdub last fall.

Earlier today (February 15), Hyperdub honcho Kode9 posted a tweet that said, "I would just like to send my love and gratitude to Darkstar and wish them the best possible future on Warp Records." FACT contacted Kode and confirmed that Darkstar will indeed be working with Warp on their next release.

Details on Darkstar's upcoming plans are forthcoming, but one thing remains clear: the combination of dubstep and synth-pop is a winning formula in 2011. Now, we just need a terrible genre tag. Song-step? Wonky pop? Help us out in the comment section below or maybe this is a job for The Translator.

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