Dandy Warhols' Courtney Taylor-Taylor to Release Album as Fictional German Noise Band

> Nov 03 2011

Dandy Warhols' Courtney Taylor-Taylor to Release Album as Fictional German Noise Band
By Alex HudsonSince the Dandy Warhols released their 2010 best-of The Capitol Years 1995-2007, the Portland outfit have been touring North America and prepping a new album reportedly called This Machine. While we wait for that disc to be officially unveiled, frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor has announced new LP with a band called One Model Nation, due out January 31 via the End Records.

This project is connected with his 2009 graphic novel, also called One Model Nation. Authored by Taylor-Taylor, illustrated by Jim Rugg and published by Image Comics, the book is set in 1977 and concerns a fictional Berlin band called Das Model.

Now, Taylor has penned 11 songs supposedly written by that band. The faux compilation is called One Model Nation - Total Werks Vol. 1 (1969-1977), and a press release describes the group as a "popular art noise band."

Below, check out a sample of the music in the form of the non-album clip "Animatic." There are a couple more tracks streaming over at the band's official website.

Of the graphic novel, Taylor wrote, "The book you hold in your hands is nowhere near an accurate historical text. It is merely inspired by the outrageous and outlandish behaviour and style during this amazing time and place."

See the tracklist for the album below and the album cover above.

Given that it's called Vol. 1, don't be too surprised if we see a sequel eventually. If you're interested in reading a mock-historical description about the band, go here.

One Model Nation - Total Werks Vol. 1 (1969-1977):

1. "Transmission"
2. "East Berlin"
3. "Mission to Mars"
4. "Russian Standard Time"
5. "The Dominator"
6. "Bicycles"
7. "What Is the Plan?"
8. "Throaty Neumann"
9. "Midnight Now You're Walking"
10. "Universal Time"
11. "Gypsum Noggur"

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