Daft Punk Design More Coke Bottles

> Sep 30 2011

Daft Punk Design More Coke Bottles
By Josiah HughesSay what you will about the über-cool French touch scene, but there's no denying that these dudes love their coke. In the case of Daft Punk, we're referring to the fizzy beverage, not the nose candy.

Following a campaign earlier this year, the beloved robotic producers have teamed up with Coca-Cola for the second time, designing another round of sleek, limited-edition Coke bottles. Only 20 sets of two will be manufactured, so you're more likely to hear a new Daft Punk album than get your own custom bottles, but they're still cool to look at.

More information on the bottles and the option to order (for a mere 20 people) is available at DaftCoke.com. However, the site informs us "Vous ne pouvez pas accéder à cette partie du site dans votre pays," meaning that Canadians don't seem to have access to it.

Thanks to Stereogum for the tip.

A commercial for the old Daft Punk Coke bottles can be viewed below.

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Dont worry... Americans dont have access either..
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I am a Canadian, and I just googled french proxy. Which lead me to this proxy site http://proxplaza.nl/ then typed in http://www.coca-cola.fr/c...-cola/daftcoke/ the address. Worked like a charm and I got access to it.
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