Crowbar to Sever the Wicked Hand in February

> Nov 22 2010

Crowbar to Sever the Wicked Hand in February
By Greg PrattNew Orleans-based sludge metal pioneers Crowbar have been keeping their fans waiting for new material, but the seemingly everlasting silence between albums is over: the kings of heavy have announced a release date and title for their new studio disc.

The album, dubbed Sever the Wicked Hand, is set for a February 8 release. It's the band's first since 2005's Lifesblood for the Downtrodden, which itself followed up 2001's Sonic Excess in its Purest Form, proving these guys' work pace is about as slow as their Sabbatherian grooves. But considering Crowbar main man Kirk Windstein also plays in a little band called Down, we forgive him for being a bit busy as of late.

The disc is Crowbar's first for new label E1 Records, who recently reissued three of the band's classic releases. As a teaser of what the new album might sound like, check out fan-filmed footage of the band performing a new song, which sounds as punishingly heavy as ever, in the video below.

Sever The Wicked Hand:

1. "Isolation (Desperation)"
2. "Sever The Wicked Hand"
3. "Liquid Sky And Cold Black Earth"
4. "Let Me Mourn"
5. "The Cemetery Angels"
6. "As I Become One"
7. "A Farewell To Misery"
8. "Protectors Of The Shrine"
9. "I Only Deal In Truth"
10. "Echo An Eternity"
11. "Cleanse Me, Heal Me"
12. "Symbiosis"

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