Crass Logo Copied By UK Fashion House

> Jan 04 2012

Crass Logo Copied By UK Fashion House
By Gregory AdamsGiven that, late last year, we learned that an old Flipper design had been bootlegged by clothing retailer Forever 21, news of UK fashion house Hardware altering anarcho-punk icons Crass' logo for their own wares makes it seem like pilfering old punk iconography is en vogue on both sides of the pond.

A report from Cult Punk [via PunkNews] highlights how the company have taken on the basics of Crass' logo, a cross covered up by the universal "no" sign, and added their name, an edgy chain border and gold-embossing for their corporate branding. Certain items sporting the touched-up logo, such as the "Hardware Crew Neck," are being touted by the clothing manufacturer as being "so glam and chic yet bordering on trashy."

It's arguable whether we can truly consider this the "greatest working class rip-off" (as their classic song says -- see below), but the band are no doubt choked over the incident all the same.

Both Crass and their label, Southern Records, are reportedly aware of the situation, but it's unsure whether or not they'll take any action over the matter.

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the fashion industry is sooo lame
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What a quandry. If Crass use the legal system to punish the greedheads, they may feel the need to take a shower afterwards. Crass as plaintiff doesn't sound right.
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crass probably just feels super embarrassed for this terrible wanna be brand omg
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