Coeur de Pirate and Bedouin Soundclash's Jay Malinowski Announce Debut EP as Armistice

> Jan 12 2011

Coeur de Pirate and Bedouin Soundclash's Jay Malinowski Announce Debut EP as Armistice
By Alex HudsonBack in September, Bedouin Soundclash released Light the Horizon, an LP that featured a duet sung with Québécoise songstress Coeur de Pirate (née Beatrice Martin) called "Brutal Hearts." In our review of the album, we called that track "smoky" and said that it was the collection's "surprise standout." Now, that successful collaboration has turned into a full-blown band, as Martin and Bedouin Soundclash singer Jay Malinowski have teamed up to form Armistice.

On February 15, Armistice will release their self-titled EP via Pirates Blend/Dare to Care Records. The collection features backing from El Bronx, the mariachi alter ego of L.A. hardcore band the Bronx. This unlikely coming together of influences is described in a press release as "Western spaghetti meets swing jazz and doo-wop-inflected voices."

The EP was produced by Malinowski and El Bronx's Joby J. Ford, with sessions taking place at Big Game Lodge in Los Angeles. You can take a listen to the first single "Mission Bells" embedded at the bottom of this page. With its blaring horns, woozy strings and skipping rhythm, the track sounds like the aural equivalent of the dusty desert shown on the album cover (above).

There are five songs in total, including a brand new version of Bedouin Soundclash's "Jeb Rand," which originally appeared on the 2004 album Sounding a Mosaic. The tracklist is below.


1. "Mission Bells"
2. "City Lights Cry"
3. "Jeb Rand"
4. "Neon Love"
5. "God Will Get His Man"

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This song is amazing; the parity of their voices and the novel and familiar sounds is captivating.
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Je souhaite qu'ils ont eu une chanson française ou deux.
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I love any of couer's or jay's songs! I liked mission bells best!
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