City and Colour to Headline Niagara-on-the-Lake Show with Metric, Jimmy Eat World, Serena Ryder, Yukon Blonde

> Feb 25 2013

City and Colour to Headline Niagara-on-the-Lake Show with Metric, Jimmy Eat World, Serena Ryder, Yukon Blonde
By Alex HudsonIn 2012, the Tragically Hip spearheaded a Canada Day festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake's Butler's Barracks. Now almost exactly a year later, City and Colour will headline a similar show at the same venue on June 29.

While City and Colour get top billing, Dallas Green's project isn't the only high-profile act of the day. The lineup is fleshed out by Metric, Jimmy Eat World, Serena Ryder and Yukon Blonde. See the poster up above.

A press release notes that this is City and Colour's first show in the region in seven years. A ticket pre-sale will run from February 26 to 28 and includes options to add a meet-and-greet or a limited-edition 7-inch to the purchase. Full details will be announced later today (February 25) on City and Colour's website.

Tickets will go on sale to the public on March 1. General admission tickets are $49.50 (plus service fees), while VIP tickets are $99.50 (plus service feeds).

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does anyone know if general admission is standing and not sitting?
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Are the VIP tickets really worth it? Do you get an assigned seat? How much closer are those seats?
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Last year there were no seats. The VIP tix are good only because you get access to shorter beer lines. If you have the extra cash, go for it. But you'll be standing regardless. It was a great show, super fun, and Niagara is wicked.
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SOOO glad Jimmy Eat World is back! I've been obsessed with their new song "I Will Steal You Back" lately.
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Any body know if you can take your own food/ drink in, or if it will be refused on entry??
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