Chief Keef Prepping 'Bang 3' and 'Gloyalty' Releases

> Nov 05 2013

Chief Keef Prepping 'Bang 3' and 'Gloyalty' Releases
By Gregory AdamsIt looks as if increasingly prolific Chicago MC Chief Keef is upping his repertoire with another pair of releases, having revealed potential artwork for a third instalment of his Bang mixtape series and putting the word out that he needs a cool image to grace the cover of another project titled Gloyalty.

A spurt of Twitter activity over the weekend had the rapper asking fans for artwork to accompany the as-yet-undetailed Bang 3. It's hard to say which one will officially make the grade, but so far we've seen some air-brushed scenes of the dude on his bike, a cartoonish line-drawing similar to Lil Wayne's Dedication releases, and this grotesque mishmash of paint stripes and blown-out, high-contrast pics of Chief Sosa Moneybag$ Keef.

A due date has not yet been set, but keep in mind that Bang Pt. 2 was delayed for months before dropping last August.

As for Gloyalty, there's even less known about the project, but the rapper once again alerted diehards to help him out with the art. He described the set as both a mixtape and an album, and judging by the smileys-assisted pic used in the announcement, it's quite possible it will be the proper home of his "Emojis" track. A due date has not yet been offered up for Gloyalty either.

As previously reported, Keef is due to go back to prison for a parole violation.

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