Check Out Shotgun Jimmie, B.A. Johnston, the Elwins and Friends, Cursed Arrows and More in Our Exclaim! TV Roundup

> Feb 24 2012

Check Out Shotgun Jimmie, B.A. Johnston, the Elwins and Friends, Cursed Arrows and More in Our Exclaim! TV Roundup
By Sarah MurphyThis week, as always, we've got all sorts of exclusive performances for you to check out on Exclaim! TV. Here are just a few of the section's recent highlights.

First up, one-man band Shotgun Jimmie stopped by Exclaim! HQ to play a couple of tunes. From the album Transistor Sister, Jimmie played "Late Last Year" and also treated us to a new tune titled "3212," impressively manning all instrumental and vocal duties on both tracks.

We've also got some footage from Exclaim!'s 20th anniversary show featuring the Elwins and special guests. The group wowed us with their Canadian covers, including a rendition of Chilliwack's "My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)" featuring Nils Edenloff from Rural Alberta Advantage. Another highlight was Casey Mecija of Ohbijou sharing the stage with the Elwins for a cover of Constantines' "Young Lions."

Hamilton, ON singer-songwriter and hilarious dude B.A. Johnston delivered a couple of awesome performances for Exclaim! TV too. Check out "Jesus Is from Hamilton" and "Sesame Street Fight," which are guaranteed to make you laugh and/or sing along.

Halifax, NS-based duo Cursed Arrows also dropped by the Exclaim! headquarters and powered through a couple of acoustic tunes for us. Check out the videos of "The Madness of Crowds" and "In for the Kill" this week.

Finally, we sent resident Exclaim! TV guru Louie to Igloofest in Montreal this past January, and you can check out footage from what looks like one of the wildest outdoor parties around. The clip features a DJ set from Montreal native SimonCalledPeter and is definitely worth checking out.

Take a look at these videos and more this week at Exclaim! TV and be sure to check back weekly for exclusive performances from other great artists.
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