Check Out Reviews of Daniel Rossen, Lee Ranaldo, Tanlines and More in Our New Release Roundup

> Mar 20 2012

Check Out Reviews of Daniel Rossen, Lee Ranaldo, Tanlines and More in Our New Release Roundup
By Sian DaviesAs the first batch of spring releases hit shelves, let Exclaim! guide you through the best (and worst) new music offerings, including approved picks from Daniel Rossen, Unsane and Franco Falsini. For full reviews of the following highlights, head over to our Recently Reviewed section.

First up, Grizzly Bear/Department of Eagles songwriter Daniel Rossen delivers his debut solo effort Silent Hour/Golden Mile, while British twee rock mainstays the Wedding Present return with their eighth studio album Valentina. Then we have Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo going solo with Between the Times and the Tides and electo-minded duo Tanlines giving us Mixed Emotions.

Also out today, Emptyset follow up their 2011 glitch triumph Demiurge with live mini-album Medium, and NYC trio Unsane roll out their trademark, pummelling noise rock on new full-length, Wreck.

Lastly, Ruby Coast keyboardist Keith Bradford premieres his Calm Hands solo project with Somewhere June, and Franco Falsini's spaced-out 1975 psych rock soundtrack Cold Nose receives a welcome reissue.

To read full reviews of these new releases and more, check out the Recently Reviewed section, and visit the New and Forthcoming Release Dates page to see what's coming up in the near future.

You can also check out our favourite tracks from some of these albums in our Rdio Genre Playlists:

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