Charles Spearin Hints At New Albums From Do Make Say Think, Ohad Benchetrit in 2009

> Feb 19 2009

Charles Spearin Hints At New Albums From Do Make Say Think, Ohad Benchetrit in 2009
By Scott A. GrayCharles Spearin of Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think fame recently chatted with Exclaim! about his new record, The Happiness Project. During that conversation the gloriously mustachioed musical wizard let a few titbits slip regarding a couple of highly anticipated Canadian releases, two of which should see the light of day before the end of 2009.

Do you have any other recording projects currently on the go?
Spearin: Do Make Say Think are recording, tonight (January 14) and yesterday. We've been at it for a little while. I'm excited about that; it should be out in the fall hopefully. Ohad [Benchetrit, of DMST and BSS] has a great record that he's almost finished.

Is it a solo project?
He's calling it Years. Can't announce too much about that but there are plans for it to be released this year. That's it. And Broken Social Scene is always talking about recording.

There are usually a few grumbles circulating about that from members of the BSS camp.
As soon as the grumbles turn to shouts, we'll get going on it. Kevin's got lots of projects going, helping record people, he's just always busy and Andrew [Whiteman] has moved to Montreal [Apostle of Hustle also has a new album coming out in '09, which Whiteman announced as being titled The Apostle of Hustle Eats Darkness at a CBC Radio 2 Concert on Demand last November]. So we'll see. It'll happen when everyone has time.

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