Canadian Rock Renaissance Celebrated with 10th Anniversary Edition of 'Have Not Been the Same'

> May 19 2011

Canadian Rock Renaissance Celebrated with 10th Anniversary Edition of 'Have Not Been the Same'
By Alex HudsonIn 2001, authors Michael Barclay, Jason Schneider and Ian A.D. Jack published the book Have Not Been the Same: The CanRock Renaissance 1985-1995. In the ten years since then, Canadian music has experienced another renaissance, so the time is ripe for a book relaunch.

If you're not familiar with Have Not Been the Same, a press release explains that "it remains the only book examining Canadian music between 1985 and 1995." This was a period that saw the rise of Tragically Hip, Sloan, Eric's Trip, MuchMusic and more.

The original run of books sold out, and Have Not Been the Same has been unavailable for at least six years. This new edition means that the tome will be available to a whole new generation of Canadian music fans. It has been "revised to include new interviews, new edits, new context and new information about artists who passed away (the Nils), broke up (Rheostatics), reunited (Eric's Trip), or went on to greater career heights (Joel Plaskett)." Have Not Been the Same is a hefty 780 pages and includes a forward by the Tragically Hip's Gord Downie.

The tenth anniversary edition of the book will be marked by a show at Lee's Palace in Toronto on June 10. The evening will feature performances from classic Canuck artists Weeping Tile (including Sarah Harmer), King Cobb Steelie and Kevin Kane of the Grapes of Wrath. Tickets cost $15 in advance and $18 at the door. Proceeds will go to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

It's worth noting that two of the authors -- Michael Barclay and Jason Schneider -- have written extensively for Exclaim! over the years. Pre-order a copy of Have Not Been the Same from ECW Press over here.

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saw it at a Chapters store in Ottawa last night.
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King Cobb Steelie?!?!!! So wish I was gonna be in T.O. then, they remain one of my all time favourite bands!
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