Cameron Reed Scoring Austin Lynch Film 'Gray House'

> Aug 21 2013

Cameron Reed Scoring Austin Lynch Film 'Gray House'
By Gregory AdamsHaving ditched his Babe Rainbow moniker earlier this year, Cameron Reed is currently composing a film score for director Austin Lynch (Making the New World, Making There Will Be Blood), son of David Lynch, under his own name.

Titled Gray House, the project is currently in pre-production and seeking funds via Kickstarter to help pay travel costs and various other expenses. A statement says the film "is an exploration of domestic space that frames a conversation about nature, identity, consumerism and progress." The synopsis adds that it will feature five "politically- and socially-charged environments," presented via both documentary and narrative footage.

This includes scenes shot in a Virginia women's prison, interviews with workers at the Bakken oil fields, one woman's "cosmetic routine," and a storyline about "a young couple whose relationship has been complicated by their differing feelings about communal life." Apparently the film will be shot so as to blur the lines between the reality-based scenes and those that are scripted.

Reed has been tapped to deliver his first-ever film score, where "diegetic audio and field recordings will be used to root the film in specific locations while musical compositions embellish and subvert this sense of reality."

He's whipped up a quick sampler of songs that will seemingly figure into the film, and it includes Babe Rainbow remixes of Porcelain Raft, as well as a few older tracks like "Shaved" and "Set Loose." You can stream the sampler down below, where you'll also find a trailer for the film.

Filmmakers are hoping to raise $25,000 of their over $100,000 budget via crowdsourcing by September 20. You can find out more about the project over here.

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