Bruce Springsteen Slapped with Parking Tickets at His Own Show

> Jul 26 2013

Bruce Springsteen Slapped with Parking Tickets at His Own Show
By Alex HudsonYou'd think that a large arena would have adequate loading zones and parking areas for performers, but that apparently isn't the case for the brand new Leeds Arena in England. Leeds City Council is now backpedalling after Bruce Springsteen and his crew were slapped with parking tickets on Wednesday night (July 24), when the Boss performed the venue's inaugural concert.

Springsteen's trucks were apparently parked on a side street near the venue when they were given tickets for stopping on double yellow lines. Luckily for the Boss, the city has since acknowledged the mistake and waived the tickets.

A spokesperson told the BBC, "We accept this is a little embarrassing but the attendant was doing his job — if a little too efficiently. These were somewhat unusual circumstances with a very large tour involving a tight turnaround of vehicles arriving from the previous night's show in Cardiff on the opening night of a brand new venue. Having considered the special circumstances, the tickets were quickly cancelled. When you prepare a city to open and host a huge, state-of-the-art new venue, you're bound to get the odd teething trouble."

The Guardian notes that the ticketing continued on into Thursday morning (July 25), when traffic offers fined vans dismantling Springsteen's VIP tent. These tickets are also expected to be revoked.

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