Born Ruffians Unveil Expanded Edition of 'Birthmarks'

> Feb 26 2014

Born Ruffians Unveil Expanded Edition of 'Birthmarks'
By Alex HudsonLess than a year since Ontario indie rock act Born Ruffians released their album Birthmarks, Paper Bag Records will be reissuing it in deluxe form. This expanded edition will be out on March 25.

This two-CD set includes the original 12-song album on the first disc. The second disc adds nine extra cuts, which are a mixed of unreleased material and acoustic renditions.

As you can see above, the artwork has been tweaked by changing the background from black to white. The expanded tracklist is below. This deluxe CD will be pressed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies; it can be pre-ordered here.

Until the release date, Born Ruffians will be releasing acoustic tracks through their website. "Rage Flows" and "Mmm Hmm" — the latter of which doesn't seem to be on the album — can be heard here.

Birthmarks (Deluxe Edition):

1. Needle
2. 6-5000
3. Ocean's Deep
4. Permanent Hesitation
5. Cold Pop
6. Golden Promises
7. Rage Flows
8. So Slow
9. With Her Shadow
10. Too Soaked to Break
11. Dancing on the Edge of Our Graves
12. Never Age 

CD 2:

1. Harmony
2. Cherry Wine
3. Oh Cecilia
4. With an Ax
5. Rage Flows (acoustic)
6. Wandering Eye
7. Needle (acoustic)
8. Never Age (acoustic)
9. Your Sufferin' Heart

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