Bob Dylan, Jack White, Levon Helm and Others Team Up For 'The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams'

> Aug 04 2011

Bob Dylan, Jack White, Levon Helm and Others Team Up For 'The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams'
By Josiah HughesEarlier this year, Jack White revealed that he had teamed up with Bob Dylan to complete songs from late country legend Hank Williams for an upcoming project. Now, details for that album have emerged.

The album is called The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams, and as the title suggests, it saw a variety of artists complete Williams songs based on lyrics found in notebooks.

Rolling Stone recently revealed the details for the release, and aside from Dylan and White, it will see Alan Jackson, Norah Jones, Lucinda Williams, Vince Gill with Rodney Crowell, Patty Loveless, Levon Helm, Holly Williams, Jakob Dylan, Sheryl Crow and Merle Haggard complete new songs with the deceased great.

The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams will be available on October 4 via Bob Dylan's own Egyptian Records. The album's liner notes will include the full story of how these notebooks were discovered and how the album came to be.

A live version of Lucinda Williams' "I'm Happy I Found You" is available below.

The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams:

1. Alan Jackson "You've Been Lonesome, Too"
2. Bob Dylan "The Love That Faded"
3. Norah Jones "How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart?"
4. Jack White "You Know That I Know"
5. Lucinda Williams "I'm So Happy I Found You"
6. Vince Gill (ft. Rodney Crowell) "Hope You Shed a Million Tears"
7. Patty Loveless "You're Through Fooling Me"
8. Levon Helm "You'll Never Again Be Mine"
9. Holly Williams "Blue Is My Heart"
10. Jakob Dylan "Oh, Mama, Come Home"
11. Sheryl Crow "Angel Mine"
12. Merle Haggard "The Sermon on the Mount"

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Thats pretty cool. Hopefully it works out as well as Mermaid Avenue.
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