Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy Announces New Solo LP

> Aug 04 2011

Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy Announces New Solo LP
By Alex HudsonIn addition to making up one half of the songwriting partnership behind Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy is slowly beginning to put together an impressive discography of his own. Next month, the country rock lifer will release his third disc as a solo artist. Entitled Skyscraper Soul, it will arrive on September 27 via Warner Bros.

The project originally began as a score for his wife Rena Polley's short film Four Sisters. The tunes evidently didn't suit the movie, so Cuddy opted to release them as a stand-alone album.

"When I write songs for my solo material, the songs tend to be a lot more personal than what I write for Blue Rodeo," the songwriter said in a press release. "I come in here and sit down with all of these instruments and work at building the ideas until a song emerges."

Recording took place in the spring at at Blue Rodeo's Woodshed Studio in Toronto. Production duties were split between Cuddy, guitarist Colin Cripps and Chris Shreenan-Dyck. Most of the tracks were cut live off the floor with help from the singer's backing band, plus string and horn players.

The lead single is called "Everyone Watched the Wedding," which was inspired by Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding in April. "I've never been much of a royalist but this song is about the royal wedding," Cuddy explained. "Something about this last wedding got me. When I started reading more about it I realized that there is something about it that is very inspiring."

See a making-of clip below, and go to Cuddy's official website to for more teasers.

The single will be available digitally on August 16. The album, when it arrives, can be purchased in CD, vinyl and digital formats. Pre-order the album now to get a handwritten lyrics sheet and a instant download of a demo track.

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In my books your the Best But I am CANADIAN LOL
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Jim Cuddy just keeps getting better and better over time, like a fine wine.
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im no dam robot im ALL mr.jim cuddy and whatever music he performs how is that id say im hes number one fan here in st.johns nl. I love him dearly hey jim rock out!!!!!
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by the way the last email was Anne-Marie O'Dea St.Johns NL thank you you go Jim.
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