Blink-182 Announce 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP

> Nov 19 2012

Blink-182 Announce 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP
By Alex HudsonBlink-182 hinted that they would be releasing an EP in time for the holidays, and then announced a December 18 release date. Sure enough, the veteran pop-punk pranksters have confirmed the details of their first release since parting with Interscope Records last month.

The new collection is called Dogs Eating Dogs. The cover artwork and tracklist have yet to be unveiled, but previous reports indicated that the EP will most likely contain five songs, one of which is apparently folk-influenced.

Dogs Eating Dogs is digital-only, and it will be sold through Blink-182's website as part of a three separate holiday bundles. The cheapest of them is called the Naughty Package, and for $19.99 it offers a T-shirt, a holiday card and a download of the EP. For $54.99, the Nice Package will additionally contain a hoodie and Blink-182 wrapping paper. Lastly, the $99.99 Santa's Lap Package contains the wrapping paper and T-shirt, plus a limited-edition screen-printed poster.

Additionally, the website promises that "various surprise additions" will be made to the bundles. The physical packages will be shipped the week of December 10, while EPs will be sent digitally on December 18.

Previous reports indicated that the EP will be available through iTunes, but there is currently no official confirmation about a stand-alone releases outside of these holiday bundles. Go to to pre-order a copy.

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