Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Reveal 'South' LP, Share New Track

> Sep 30 2013

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Reveal 'South' LP, Share New Track
By Gregory AdamsRoots lovers Blackie and the Rodeo Kings have announced they'll be follow their collaboration-heavy 2011 LP Kings and Queens with an acoustically minded outing called South.

Details are still shaping up around the LP, but a press release confirms that the act will deliver the set January 14 through File: Under Music. Apparently, the song cycle took shape while the Rodeo Kings were on the road playing festivals, with Tom Wilson and Colin Linden working on tracks from inside their merch tent.

The album was intended to be a "cover-heavy, low-key, all-acoustic, vinyl-only release," but by the time they hit Linden's Nashville studio, the group were armed with an album's worth of originals. Wilson, Linden and Stephen Fearing were joined in the studio by their longtime rhythm section of Johnny Dymond and Gary Craig, and eventually scrapped the covers angle, but still managed to keep electric guitars off of the LP.

"Tom named this album South," Linden said in a press statement. "The title was rooted in the idea that he and Stephen had come down to my house in Nashville to record, and the mythology of being Canadian musicians venturing from the cold, cold winters and short night to the land of plenty — plenty of wine and barbecue."

Though a tracklisting has yet to appear for South, the title track and a complementary track titled "North" will appear on a 7-inch single due October 29. You can sample the dusty, slide guitar-assisted A-side "North" in the player down below.

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As always..makes you just want to dance in your seat or wherever you are...Im going to the beach :)
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Absolutely love this new song and can't ait for the new album. Love, love, love thee guys.
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