Black Francis Gets NonStopErotik on New Solo Album, Sets to Work on New Grand Duchy LP

> Jan 26 2010

Black Francis Gets NonStopErotik on New Solo Album, Sets to Work on New Grand Duchy LP
By Josiah HughesEver since their first reunion tour in 2004, the Pixies have both denied and confirmed that they're working on new material, sending their poor fans through a roller coaster of emotion. While we can't exactly report whether or not the band have any new plans regarding a record, front-man Black Francis has recorded yet another solo album.

The album is called NonStopErotik, and is Francis's 18th solo album. It contains 11 tracks, one of which is a cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers' "Wheels." According to a post on Francis's blog, the album will coincide with a film by Judy Jacobs, who has also done visuals for the Pixies. The film will likely be screened in select cities and released on DVD.

NonStopErotik will be released on April 6, and will likely be preceded by a single for the track "Six Legged Man".Besides the ridiculous amount of solo output, Francis has also been busy with Grand Duchy, the project he shares with his wife. The duo released their first album, Petits Fours, in April of last year, and are currently in the studio for their sophomore record. The album is tentatively called Let the People Speak.


1. "Lake Of Sin"

2. "O My Tidy Sum"

3. "Rabbits"

4. "Wheels"

5. "Dead Man"s Curve"

6. "Corrina"

7. "Six Legged Man"

8. "Wild Son"

9. "When I Go Down On You"

10. "Nonstoperotik"

11. "Cinema Star"

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