Beefs 2013: Riff Raff Lashes Out at James Franco for Stealing His Image in 'Spring Breakers'

> Feb 28 2013

Beefs 2013: Riff Raff Lashes Out at James Franco for Stealing His Image in 'Spring Breakers'
On left, James Franco as Alien in 'Spring Breakers,' and Riff Raff on the right.
By Gregory AdamsDirector Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers film hits screens next month, with James Franco cast as a lug named Alien that really, really looks like out-there rapper Riff Raff. While Franco has denied this, the Mad Decent-signed spitter is now calling the actor out for purportedly stealing his image in the film.

A recent MTV piece penned by Franco had him saying that his role was inspired by Miami rapper Dangeruss, with whom the actor performs a song on the Spring Breakers: Music from the Motion Picture soundtrack, but Riff Raff says that's bull. In an email sent out titled "Why Is Franco Lying?" [via MTV Hive], the rapper points to Franco's look in the film (braids, grill, rings, coloured beads and flashy wardrobe) as being 100 percent Riff.

"The storyline ain't mine but no one on Earth can deny that James Franco's image and appearance characteristics are Riff Raff all day," the rapper writes.

Riff even points to a recent interview with Dangeruss that has that rhymer admitting that Franco looks nothing like him.

"You can't really dispute that that's kind of Riff Raff's style," Dangeruss said, noting his own style isn't "goofy-lookin", and how Franco rocks braids instead of Dangeruss' dreads. "[Franco's] appearance, I can't take credit for that, and I wouldn't want to."

Dangeruss did, however, hang out with the actor as he was prepping for the film.

While the feud boils down to a few copped wardrobe decisions, Riff Raff feels like credit should still be given where it's due.

"All I want is credit for his image and I'm confused why a superstar actor with millions of dollars would steal and deny credit from a new upcoming rapper like myself who hasn't even dropped an album yet," he writes, adding, "What a fuckin' asshole — I would never do any bullshit like that if I was in his position."

Spring Breakers hits theatres March 22. The Spring Breakers: Music from the Motion Picture, which includes work from Skrillex, Ellie Goulding, Waka Flocka Flame and more, drops digitally on March 12 and in stores March 19 via Big Beat/Atlantic.

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Fuck this abomination of a movie! There's no END to the sexualization of tweens.
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He wants credit for that image? Perhaps some rotting meth teeth and a plastic cup filled with faeces is all he needs. It's embarrassing that anyone would be proud of trying desperately to seek so much negative attention. His prostitute mother and absent father must be rolling in their graves.
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Re: Tiffany. that post isn't funny in the slightest... you are... not funny! it doesn't matter how lowly you may think this riff raff dude is. that's his thing. and he's pushing that and some rich motherfucker ripped him off. Riff raff, sue all those muthafuckers to the bank mi nyiga
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Lol, i love riff raff
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