Beefs 2012: Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Slams Katy Perry, Incurs Wrath of Her Fans

> Mar 29 2012

Beefs 2012: Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Slams Katy Perry, Incurs Wrath of Her Fans
By Alex HudsonThe video for Katy Perry's latest single, "Part of Me," shows the pop singer breaking up with her boyfriend and joining the U.S. Marine Corps. Outspoken Fucked Up screamer Damian Abraham was none too impressed by the video's arguably pro-war stance, and he lashed out at Perry on Twitter today (March 29).

Abraham wrote, "Seeing Katy Perry as a soldier in 'Part Of Me' really makes me think that we need to start a war so she can go die."

He then added, "Yes I'm aware my last tweet was kinda dumb but so is glamorizing war to sell records to idiots. Katy Perry Still Sucks."

This of course, incurred the wrath of many of Perry's 16 million-plus Twitter followers, many of whom wrote insulting messages directed at Abraham. Here's the best part: the vocalist has been retweeting some of the most colourful ones.

One fan wrote, "you're actually an asshole. Why don't you tweet that to her? Go fuck yourself. Fucking asshole." Some of the most foul-mouthed insults also include "cant @ u irrelevant dog shading queen Katy in order to get recognized. go burn your fat, fat fuck" and "what kinda fat ass bearded mess..shut the fuck up you irrelevant bitch. Katy>You in every way possible." Ouch!

Abraham's displeasure wasn't limited to Perry alone, though, and he also tweeted, "The new Madonna record is the musical equivalent of when a 40 something divorcee dad buys a long board and gets into the Black Keys."

Funnily enough, no one seemed to take offence to that diss and disagree with him.

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Ironic since Damian's becoming as overexposed and irritating as Katy Perry is.
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Amen brother! (or sister!)
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Damian's comment about the "divorcee dad" makes him sound like such a douchebag!! Stupid hipster bullshit- who cares how old people are? what does that have to do with making or appreciating art? You don't like the Madonna record- that's it. No further comment needed.

If 40 year olds want to longboard, I say power to them! Stop being an elitist idiot, "Pink Eyes". Can't wait to see what kind of stupid shit you get up to when you're old.
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That's one hell of a recruitment video for U.S Marine Corps. I think Katy Perry fans who enlist (and you know some will try) will have one hell of a surprise coming to them on their first day in boot camp.
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I think I like this Abraham chap but his rant might just draw people to check out that insipid Perry creature.
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I wonder how much the us marines paid her for the video? not surprising that she did it though, she was raised fundamentalist and, having written such mind-blowingly closed-minded songs such as "I kissed a girl" and "you're so gay" , questioning the nature of traditional american values doesn't seem to be her forte. she is such an idiot.
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