Beady Eye Announce Dave Sitek-produced Sophomore Album: 'BE'

> Apr 10 2013

Beady Eye Announce Dave Sitek-produced Sophomore Album: 'BE'
By Alex HudsonFormer Oasis lads Beady Eye previously announced that they were working on their sophomore album with producer Dave Sitek (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Jane's Addition), and they recently shared the single "Flick of the Finger." Now, the Liam Gallagher-led band have confirmed the release details of their upcoming disc.

The album, which was recorded in London, is called BE, and it will be out in the UK on June 10 through Columbia Records. The North American release will likely follow the next day, on June 11, but so far a domestic release has not been confirmed.

"Working with Sitek just opened something up in us. He's without a doubt the best producer I've ever worked with, a real outlaw — he doesn't give a fuck, no rules," explained Gallagher in a statement. "We had a newfound focus when we were writing it. We really got our heads down and got our shit together — clear heads, none of that crap from the '90s. It feels like a really special record for us."

The band reportedly experimented with everything from cassette tapes to samplers to iPhone apps. Sitek said, "It's a trippy record! The strength of the tracks is so high that we got to really play around! It's rock-band instrumentation, but used in a different way."

Stream "Flick of the Finger" below. If you head over to Beady Eye's official website, you'll find that the band are sharing sharing stems from "Flick of the Finger" as they gather more Twitter and Facebook posts.

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