Baptists Announce 'Bushcraft' for Southern Lord

> Dec 19 2012

Baptists Announce 'Bushcraft' for Southern Lord
By Gregory AdamsVancouver crust-core ragers Baptists revealed they had started writing their full-length debut back in the spring of 2011, and the LP will finally make it to our stereos this winter. Titled Bushcraft, the album drops February 19 through Southern Lord.

While there's no tracklisting just yet, the follow-up to the quartet's crushing 2011 7-inch will contain 11 tunes, according to the press release, and offer up a half-hour of "white-knuckled snare-blasts, d-beat thunder" and "dissonant riff urgency." As previously reported, the upcoming full-length was tracked by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at his Salem, MA studio Godcity.

Samples from the LP and touring plans behind Bushcraft are expected sometime in the near future. While we may not have any new material to session, the group did recently let loose a studio cover of Nirvana's "Tourettes," which you can bang out to after pressing play in the player down below.

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crust core ragers . give your head a shake! have you even had a listen to the band . you are blowing it buddy!
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^ that guy needs to lighten up. They're at least crustish coreish ragers
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Anything on Southern Lord can no longer be called Crust
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