Gurizada Fandangueira Singer Arrested Following Tragic Nightclub Fire in Brazil

> Jan 28 2013

Gurizada Fandangueira Singer Arrested Following Tragic Nightclub Fire in Brazil
By Alex HudsonIn what's by far one of the worst concert tragedies we've ever heard of, a reported 233-plus people were killed this weekend in a nightclub blaze in Santa Maria, Brazil.

The fire started early on Sunday morning (January 27) at the city's Boate Kiss nightclub. The band Gurizada Fandangueira was performing at the time, and their pyrotechnics apparently set fire to the venue's sound insulation. In addition to those killed, The Star reports that at least more 217 were injured, with around 121 still in the hospital as of today (January 28) and 80 of them in serious condition.

Gurizada Fandangueira singer Marcelo Santos was arrested in connection to the incident, while one of his bandmates died. One of the owners of Kiss was arrested, while authorities are reportedly trying to track down another owner.

According to Reuters, officials have said that more than 1,000 people may have been in the club. Many who died were reportedly suffocated by fumes or crushed by fellow concertgoers.

Other tragic club fires in the past decade have occurred in West Warwick, RI (killing 100 in 2003), and Buenos Aires, Argentina (killing 194 in 2004).
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