Atoms for Peace's 'Amok' Artwork Turned into Building-sized Animated GIF

> Dec 07 2012

Atoms for Peace's 'Amok' Artwork Turned into Building-sized Animated GIF
By Alex HudsonThink the new album cover for Atoms for Peace's Amok looks pretty awesome? Well, the artwork for the Thom Yorke-led band's debut disc just got way cooler, since it has been turned into a building-sized animated GIF in Los Angeles.

The new piece is called Hollywood Dooom, and it portrays a scene of armageddon in Los Angeles. The original artwork was created by Stanley Donwood, and it was interpreted by INSA. He repainted the XL Recordings office in L.A. several times in order to create the massive animated image.

Donwood said in a statement, "My challenge was to take two very static items, a beautiful lino-cut and a less beautiful box of a building, and bring them to life. After a week of sweating in the Los Angeles late summer sun re-painting the whole building several times I got there. Animated as a continuous GIF it may only live online but some would argue that is where most now live their lives..."

See several pictures of the very cool-looking artwork at XL's website, where you can also check out the GIF in action.

Interestingly, Yorke's 2006 solo album, The Eraser, which features quite similar artwork, is painted on XL's London office.

As previously reported, Atoms for Peace's Amok arrives on January 28 through XL.

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