Arts & Crafts' Zeus Set Up for Full-Length Debut

> Nov 16 2009

Arts & Crafts' Zeus Set Up for Full-Length Debut
By Stephen CarlickAfter a string of successful shows and an EP that earned a glowing review from us truly, Toronto-based pop upstarts Zeus are ready to release their debut full-length for Arts & Crafts.

The album, titled Say Us, is scheduled to hit shelves on February 9 as a 180-gram vinyl twelve-inch, two weeks before its official CD release on February 23. The physical album will include a free digital copy of the album for free download, which was ripped from the vinyl copy of the record to preserve the band's intended sound as closely as possible. Say Us was recorded and produced by the band's own Mike O'Brien and Carlin Nicholson in Toronto, and mixed by Robbie Lackritz (Feist).

Say Us is apparently more diverse than the band's debut EP, according to press release, with the band showing "an incredible ability to write smart pop hooks with jangling electric guitars, three-part harmonies; classic rock'n'roll with a touch of twang."

The band have long served as the live band for Arts & Crafts contemporary Jason Collett, with whom they toured as such while also serving as supporting act. Zues also cut their teeth playing a sold-out month long residency at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto and opening for Metric on their recent West coast tour dates.

Say Us:

1. "How Does It Feel?"

2. "Fever Of The Time"

3. "Kindergarten"

4. "The Renegade"

5. "Great Times On The Wayside"

6. "River By The Garden"

7. "You Gotta Tell'er"

8. "I Know"

9. "Marching Through Your Head"

10. "The Sound Of You"

11. "Heavy On Me"

12. "At The Risk Of Repeating"

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