Apollo Ghosts Unveil New 7-Inch EP

> Jun 09 2011

Apollo Ghosts Unveil New 7-Inch EP
By Alex HudsonVancouver jangle punk trio Apollo Ghosts have already told us about their head-scratching future plans and bizarre series of upcoming releases. But before the strangeness begins, the group will drop a seven-inch EP called Money Has No Heart. While the record won't be out until July 8 via Geographing Records, you can download it for free right now.

The five-song collection is described on Bandcamp as "an homage to the Vancouver punk scene circa 2007-2010....i.e. a post-30 interpretation of Nu Sensae/B-Lines/Chris-a-riffic...an allegiance to the Nanaimo 4-track scene and Lethbridge garage...coping with the love affair between Henry Miller and Anais Nin."

The EP was self-recorded by singer Adrian Teacher and mixed by Vancouver producer (and Fine Mist member) Jay Arner. That's the hilariously homemade-looking artwork above. Yes, you're seeing that right -- it really does feature Charlie Sheen, a Chevrolet logo and a giant primate. We're confused too.

There will be 300 copies of the seven-inch pressed, with 150 of these being sold through an online pre-order. Get yours right here, or download the songs for free from Bandcamp. Money Has No Heart is also streaming below the tracklist.

Money Has No Heart:

1. "Money Has No Heart"
2. "Night Vision"
3. "Ultra Kool"
4. "Lightweight"
5. "Why Can't They All Be Like You?"

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