Apollo Ghosts Explain Inspirations of 'Landmark,' Premiere New Track

> Mar 23 2012

Apollo Ghosts Explain Inspirations of 'Landmark,' Premiere New Track
By Alex HudsonAcclaimed underground fun-punk outfit Apollo Ghosts recently announced that they had signed with You've Changed Records to release their third album, Landmark. Having already unveiled the tracklist and artwork, the Vancouver band have now shared a song from the album and told us a bit more about what fans can expect from the collection.

In a statement to Exclaim!, Apollo Ghosts offered this explanation of the album's inspirations:

"After Hastings Sunrise and Mount Benson, the Apollo Ghosts have written a third album about island paradise, doing the dishes and love. Landmark is the most domestic album the Ghosts have completed. The songs were written and recorded in a small room between beers and the lyrics were written in a cabin on a remote island at night. The songs are deeply informed by the concept of home; that in turn is plagued by the worries of aging, worries about lost love and abandoned friendships. Shit -- that sounds too much like Bon Iver, doesn't it? Fuck."

You can get a taste of Landmark by listening to the single "American Joint" below. As you can hear from the track, the album boasts a gritty, lo-fi sound that's reminiscent of their recent EPs rather than their JC/DC-produced prior albums.

The band also have this to say about the single: "'American Joint' is an ode to the punk-rock kids of Bellingham, queer power, house parties, Pacific Northwest skinny dipping, train hopping... you know? A summer jam."

UPDATE: You can also see a video for "American Joint" below.

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