Andre Williams and the Sadies Team Back Up for 'Night & Day'

> Mar 14 2012

Andre Williams and the Sadies Team Back Up for 'Night & Day'
By Gregory AdamsIt's been 13 years since alt-country act the Sadies first teamed up with R&B belter Andre Williams for Red Dirt, but both sides have come together again for Williams's next platter, Night & Day.

A statement from Yep Roc Records explains that the imprint will issue the album on May 15. The collection reportedly began tracking in 2008 at the Key Club Studio in Detroit, but Williams's drug and legal troubles held the project up for a bit. Eventually, both sides reconvened to finish the disc.

Sadies guitarist Dallas Good admitted in a statement that the initial sessions were "good but we were worried for Andre. A couple years later, everything was different. He was sober and sharp. Agile, mobile and hostile. Night and Day. It wouldn't be fair to the new Andre (who I'd never met after working together for like, 12 years) to let the old Andre have this album. So we did more."

The press release confirms that Williams has since cleaned up and is now ready to release the record. You can get a sample of what's to come via the album track "One Eyed Jack," a gruff, fiddle-driven roots rock single, down below.

This will be Williams's second LP in 2012, having released the acoustic-based Hoods and Shades last month.

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