Amnesia Rockfest Reveals 2014 Lineup with Blink-182, Weezer, Megadeth, NOFX

> Mar 12 2014

Amnesia Rockfest Reveals 2014 Lineup with Blink-182, Weezer, Megadeth, NOFX
By Gregory AdamsOrganizers behind Quebec festival Amnesia Rockfest have announced this year's lineup, which includes big-name acts like Blink-182, Weezer, NOFX, Megadeth and more.

This year's fest, the ninth overall, will be held June 20 to 21 at the Montebello marina in the Outaouais and once again finds the stages filled with a number of artists running across a broad range of genres, with other artists including Billy Talent, Primus, Alice in Chains, Five Finger Death Punch, Cypress Hill, A Day to Remember, Danzig with Doyle, Mastodon, the Used, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Joan Jett, Reverend Horton Heat, and Fishbone, among others.

While we're at it, the fest ups the punks with appearances from Lagwagon, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Face to Face, Strung Out, Anti-Flag, MXPX, the Vandals, Guttermouth, Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, the Casualties, Cock Sparrer, Black Flag, Fear, the Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Henry Rollins, and Suicidal Tendencies. The lineup also includes reunions from Bigwig, 88 Fingers Louie, pre-Simple Plan band Reset, and Despised Icon.

You want more metal in your diet? Well, also showing up at Rockfest are Venom, Meshuggah, Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse and August Burns Red.

In addition to the bands, the fest will also apparently feature "a rock'n'roll museum and a haunted house," and have fire-eating street entertainers around the grounds.

Tickets went on-sale today (March 12). Head to the festival website for all details on purchasing options, as well as the full lineup.

As previously reported, last year's Amnesia Rockfest left organizers unprepared for the number of attendees and onsite conditions, leading to confusion with set times. Apparently the fest have figured things out for 2014.

"I have no doubt that [3E] will raise Rockfest up to where we want it to be because we want to create an event that lives up to our lineup," Amnesia president and founder Alex Martel had previously said in a press release. "We are investing huge sums and we are doing what's needed to effectively manage the growth that the event has experienced over the last few years. We are committed to surpassing the smooth operation and logistics of the first seven years."

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Man I live in Connecticut and I REALLY LOVE CANNIBAL CORPSE!!!
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It was awesome last year and you guys in Ontario can't do that.
1 Reply
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Less than pleasant ?!?!?!
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Is MXPX playing the 20th? Cuz theyre supposed to be in Chicago on the 21st!
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oh ya and another minor band is playing too...MOTLEY CRUE
Start Conversation
How are the used playing if Bert is banned from Canada? Will they have another frontman?
Start Conversation
Warped Tour 2004?
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This festival line up is nagging me. Should I bother driving up Ottawa? The punk acts scheduled are amazing (NoFX, Lagwagon, Misfits, DK, Black Flag and Me First...)
To see Primus, Alice and Chains and Fishbone would be like revisiting old Lollapalooza days.
The metal acts lack any crunch however save for the brilliant Meshuggah and Mastadon (sorry Cannibal Corpse, been there, done that...and Megadeth are a yawn because Mustaine is such an asshole). Having said that, Venom, Danzig and black metal wanna be's Cradle of Filth would be worth checking out.
Over an interesting line up, just as in the previous year...but hopefuly this year, the oranizers will have things a lot more organized...after all, this a METAL/PUNK.ROCK fest, not a kumbaya, hippy-faggot-christian event. In my metal fest experiences, one should always expect the unexepected in a crowd of 100,000 maniacs. m/
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2 of us are going from Calgary. Anyone in this end of the country looking to rideshare
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Heading down from Toronto, worth the drive for sure. Quebec is great for festivals!

Anyone that went last year, tell me what happened?
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Best fucking show ever! I crowd surfed moshed got high, drunk rock out out man.
Mötley Crüe sucked and black flag
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