Alabama Shakes Singer Brittany Howard Robbed at Gunpoint in Nashville

> Dec 18 2012

Alabama Shakes Singer Brittany Howard Robbed at Gunpoint in Nashville
By Alex HudsonAlabama Shakes had an outstanding 2012, as the Southern soul band released their debut album, Boys & Girls, and landed the No. 2 spot on our folk and country year-end list. Unfortunately for singer Brittany Howard, she's ending the year on a bit of an unpleasant note, as she was robbed at gunpoint this past weekend.

The incident happened on Saturday night (December 15) in Nashville, on the front porch of Bomb Shelter producer Andrija Tokic's home. According to Nashville Scene [via Spinner], Howard was hanging out with members of local rock band Clear Plastic Masks when two hoodie-wearing teenage boys, approximately 15 or 16, approached them with guns drawn. The thieves got away with cellphones and a small amount of cash, but luckily no one was hurt.

The incident happened following a show from Howard's new project Thunderbitch, which features members of Clear Plastic Masks.

Don't expect this new side-project to distract Howard from her duties with Alabama Shakes, since the group already have a busy international schedule for 2013. Unfortunately, there aren't any Canadian dates yet. See the itinerary here.

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Some boys pick up instruments and jam. Some pick up guns and pretend to be men. It's Christmas time, so this seems a little bit more sad. But no one was harmed, so it's all well in the end.
Having been through a knife point robbery, it is definitely a scary time. Luckily, I was just as young and stupid as my would be mugger and sent him home with his switchblade through the palm of his hand. (Yay self-defense lessons!)
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