Al Tuck Announces New LP, Books Canadian Tour Dates

> Oct 12 2011

Al Tuck Announces New LP, Books Canadian Tour Dates
By Alex HudsonA year ago, veteran East Coast troubadour Al Tuck released his All Time Favourites compilation, which celebrated some of the highlights of his lengthy career. But Tuck is certainly not one to rest on his laurels, since he has announced a new album, Under Your Shadow, due out November 8 via New Scotland Records.

According to a press release, this latest LP "might just be his best to date." Apparently, "Striking lyrical imagery abounds in every song, snaking its way around Tuck's idiosyncratic, liquid guitar lines."

The album reportedly features only sparse accompaniment, and this places the focus on Tuck's vocals and guitar. Stylistic descriptions include "Celtic-flavoured grooves," "impossibly sweet country singalongs" and "barnyard acoustic blues." At least one song was produced by Joel Plaskett ("Slapping the Make On You").

To celebrate the album's release, Tuck will be playing some November tour dates in Canada's eastern half. Scroll past the tracklist to check out the schedule.

Under Your Shadow:

1. "Slapping the Make on You"
2. "Saltwater Cowboy"
3. "None But Your Mother"
4. "No Need to Wonder"
5. "Every Day Winning"
6. "Hello, Prince Edward Island"
7. "Ducktown"
8. "Yawnsville"
9. "Wishing Well"
10. "Tomorrow"
11. "Under Your Shadow"

Tour dates:

11/3 Kingston, ON - The Mansion
11/4 Ottawa, ON - Raw Sugar
11/5 Montreal, QC - Grumpy's
11/8 Fredericton, NB - The Capital
11/9 Moncton, NB - Plan B
11/10 Halifax, NS - The Carleton
11/11 Charlottetown, PE - Hunter's

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