XXXChange, Matthew Dear Remix Charlotte Gainsbourg on New EP

> Apr 15 2010

XXXChange, Matthew Dear Remix Charlotte Gainsbourg on New EP
By Josiah HughesHip French songstress Charlotte Gainsbourg released her best musical effort yet in IRM. The album, which was released in December 2009, was produced and co-written with Beck, and months after its drop date is still being mined for gold as the track "Time of the Assassins" gets its own single release this spring.

The Time of the Assassins EP includes the studio version of the recording, along with four remixes. Those versions come courtesy of XXXChange, Outlines, Matthew Dear and Gentleman Drivers. The EP is already available in parts of Europe, and will be surfacing in the UK on April 19 and in Germany this May. A North American release date is either on its way or not happening, so it might be wise to pay the shipping charges for an import.

In addition to the Time of the Assassins EP, Gainsbourg has two other releases on the go. As Pitchfork points out, the Sunset Sound EP is currently available on Amazon, and features four IRM cuts recorded live with Beck at the Sunset Sound studio in L.A. Then, on Record Store Day, KCRW live recordings of "Heaven Can Wait" and "IRM" will be available on a limited seven-inch.

As previously reported, Gainsbourg is currently wrapping up a North American tour. Along with an appearance at Coachella this weekend, she'll be performing in Montreal on April 23 and 24. We were fortunate enough to catch her Victoria show earlier this week.

Time of the Assassins:

1. "Time of the Assassins"

2. "Time of the Assassins" (XXXChange Remix)

3. "Time of the Assassins" (Outlines Remix)

4. "Time of the Assassins" (Matthew Dear Remix)
5. "Time of the Assassins" (Gentlemen Drivers Remix)

Sunset Sound:

1. "Heaven Can Wait"

2. "Greenwich Mean Time"

3. "Voyage"

4. "In the End"

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