Nathan Williams Talks More 2010 Releases as Wavves Hit the Road

> Aug 03 2010

Nathan Williams Talks More 2010 Releases as Wavves Hit the Road
By Stephen CarlickAfter an abysmal 2009, Nathan Williams is hard at work rebuilding. Despite just releasing his third Wavves album King of the Beach today (August 3), Williams is looking forward to touring the hell out of the record, and has hinted that he may already have two more releases up his sleeve for 2010.

In a recent interview with Exclaim!, Williams explained why he still loves playing live, which he now does alongside Jay Reatard's former bandmates. "It's really fun playing with Billy [Hayes] and Stephen [Pope], so I'm excited to get back out there and do something," he tells Exclaim! in an interivew. "When I'm home, I just sit on the couch and smoke weed from the second I get up to the second I go to sleep and watch TV, so I feel like I have to get up and do something."

Fair enough, but for someone so laissez-faire, he sure has a productive 2010 to look forward to. Despite a number of tour dates, Williams has plans to release more recorded material this year.

Asked whether he had begun thinking about a follow-up to King of the Beach, Williams laughs: "God, everybody asks me that question, I just put the record out!"

Still, he has a solid answer. "Um, yeah, I'll release the record I did with Zach [Hill, his former touring drummer] at the end of the year, and I'll probably do another EP with Billy and Stephen, but there's a lot of touring, so we'll see how much time we have to try and fit something like that in."

In the meantime, catch Williams live at any of his many shows left for 2010. All tour dates are at the Wavves MySpace here.

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