Luke Doucet Gears Up for Steel City Trawler

> Aug 20 2010

Luke Doucet Gears Up for Steel City Trawler
By Alex HudsonBack in 2008, Veal frontman turned solo performer Luke Doucet released his countrified Nashville album Blood's Too Rich. Now, the singer-guitarist has shifted gears for his rocking fifth solo LP, Steel City Trawler, due out in Canada on August 31 via Six Shooter Records.

As the title suggests, the album was inspired by Hamilton, ON. According to a press release, "From start to finish the album is Luke's idea of a rock and roll record, pure and simple. "This means "atmospheric rock ballads, Manchester-esque melancholy, tender revelations and even more tender accusations."

Those looking for more of Doucet's vivid lyrical style will find it in "'Thinking People,' an homage to blue collars, 'The Ballad of Ian Curtis,' an examination of suicide and creative legacy, and 'Dusted,' which takes direct aim at metaphysical answers to earth-bound questions."

Like Blood's Too Rich, the album will released under the name Luke Doucet and the White Falcon. See a trailer for the album embedded below. It includes some impressive comic book interpretations of lyrics from the album, illustrated by David Collier.

The album was produced by Sloan drummer Andrew Scott. It will be issued in the U.S. a month after the Canadian release, on September 21. Take a listen to the album's first single, "The Ballad of Ian Curtis," over at Doucet's MySpace.

Steel City Trawler:

1. "Monkeys"

2. "Thinking People"

3. "Hey Now"

4. "The Ballad of Ian Curtis"

5. "You Gotta Get It"

6. "Magpie"

7. "Sundown"

8. "Dirty Dirty Blonde"

9. "Love and a Steady Hand"

10. "Dusted"

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