Great Lake Swimmers Spinoff Siskiyou Prep Debut Album for Constellation

> Jul 16 2010

Great Lake Swimmers Spinoff Siskiyou Prep Debut Album for Constellation
By Alex HudsonColin Huebert first made a name for himself as drummer of Great Lake Swimmers, playing on the band's early albums before leaving after 2007's Ongiara. Now, he has unveiled his own project, Siskiyou, featuring current Great Lake Swimmers guitarist Erik Arnesen. The group will release their self-titled debut on September 7 via Constellation.

According to a press release, the album was recorded "in hallways, stairwells, bathrooms and parks throughout the Vancouver area," with Huebert's sparse acoustic tunes fleshed out with overdubbed piano, banjo, accordion and other instruments.

The album's 12 songs are apparently "emotionally direct, marked by an underlying darkness and doubt about relationships (to each other, to the environment, to mortality) without overreaching lyrically or musically, and without overriding the quiet exuberance embedded in every melody."

If you want a preview of what this sounds like, head over to Siskiyou's website to pick up a free download of the album track "This Land" plus a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "El Condor Pasa." Two more songs are streaming over at Siskiyou's MySpace.

The album will be available on CD and deluxe 180-gram vinyl. The LP will be limited to 777 copies and will come packaged with a CD version of the album plus a silkscreen poster. Both the CD and LP will come in 100 percent recycled jackets. It will also be released digitally.

You can pre-order hard copies from Siskiyou's website. Expect Canadian dates to be announced soon with a European tour to follow in October/November.


1. "Funeral Song"
2. "Everything I Have"
3. "Hold It In"
4. "Pull It Away"
5. "It's All Going to End"
6. "Useless Anymore"
7. "This Land"
8. "Never Ever Ever Ever Again"
9. "Inside of the Ocean"
10. "We All Fall Down"
11. "Big Sur"
12. "Brevity and Insult"
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