Ghost Bees Change Name to Tasseomancy, Release Timber Timbre-produced Single

> Sep 27 2010

Ghost Bees Change Name to Tasseomancy, Release Timber Timbre-produced Single
By Vish KhannaThe mystical twin sisters best known as Ghost Bees have changed their name to Tasseomancy and are set to release their first new music in two years. Toronto-via-Halifax siblings Sari and Romy Lightman earned rave reviews for their 2008 debut, also called Tasseomancy, and the freaky folksters have now adopted the record title as their new moniker.

"I think we were just ready for a change and we feel more connected to Tasseomancy, which means 'tea-leaf reader,' or to divine from tea leaves," Romy (or was it Sari?) explained in an interview earlier this year. "Our great great grandmother was a reader but we're pretty mediocre at it."

While a full-length produced by Timber Timbre is now completed, Tasseomancy are not yet certain how and when it may be released. In the meantime, they do have a brand new, pink seven-inch coming out on Hype Lighter, a boutique imprint run by Diamond Rings' John O'Regan.

The single is for "Healthy Hands" and the B-side, "The Darkness of Things" actually features a lead vocal by Timber Timbre. Pietro Amato of Torngat also appears on the single, which is due out on the Lightmans' 26th birthday on October 5.

For now, you can listen to the new single on the Tasseomancy's MySpace page.

Tour dates:

10/5 Tranzac, Toronto, ON ("Healthy Hands" release party) *

* with Castlemusic, Princess Maya

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