Destroyer Teams Up with Tim Hecker and Loscil for New Collaborative Twelve-Inch

> Aug 23 2010

Destroyer Teams Up with Tim Hecker and Loscil for New Collaborative Twelve-Inch
By Alex HudsonIt's now been over two years since Destroyer's last full-length, Trouble in Dreams. Still, the always-prolific Dan Bejar hasn't been idle, releasing the Bay of Pigs EP last year, plus contributing a handful of songs to the New Pornographers' latest, Together. Now, he's getting set to release a new twelve-inch on November 12 via Merge.

Unlike Destroyer's previous work, Bejar didn't write the music on the twelve-inch himself and has roped in Montreal ambient/drone master Tim Hecker, as well as Vancouver-based electronic producer Loscil.

In a press release, Bejar said, "The reason why this has to be seen as a collaboration, rather than strictly a Destroyer release, is that, for the first time, I'm not responsible for any of the music contained on this EP aside from the vocals, the general chord progression of 'Archer on the Beach,' and maybe a couple of the sound effects."

The release will include the Hecker-guesting song "Archer on the Beach" plus its B-side, "Grief Point" with Loscil. Merge writes: "'Archer on the Beach' is a meditation on the need to grapple with the 20th century in one's own special way and with style, this time through singing quietly, through repetition, and through leaving lots of space between words, as well as finally learning to love crowds and nature."

As for the B-side, "'Grief Point' is the first recording Bejar made after deciding never to record again. It is a one-time exploration of the self-explanatory world, recorded in an office and on the street." The music was written and performed by Loscil, whom Bejar recently collaborated with on spoken word monologue of Loscil's song "The Making of Grief Point."

The twelve-inch will be limited to 1,000 copies. If you don't get a chance to pick one up, it will also be available as a digital download. You can pre-order the record here.

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