Comedy Central Orders Up Pilot for Steel Panther Reality Show

> May 07 2010

Comedy Central Orders Up Pilot for Steel Panther Reality Show
By Greg PrattEighties glam metal revivalists/homage payers Steel Panther have won the hearts of metal fans who grew up in that decade but have also faced a bit of flak from metalheads for being a bit too over the top in their delivery. Well, this ain't going to help - the band are going to be the focus of a new reality television show.

Tentatively titled Steel Panther, the program is a "loosely scripted" "docu-reality show" (which means it's about as real as The Osbournes was) that follows the band members as they attempt to bring back heavy metal, reports Blabbermouth. A pilot of the show was ordered by Comedy Central for their 2010-2011 development slate.

The show is being created by heavy metal funnyman Brian Posehn and Jackass director Jeff Tremaine; combine those credentials with the band's hysterical approach to what they do, and it does sound like a recipe for some laughs.

Let's hope the pilot is a success and the show rolls along into production and gives metalheads another reason to like TV again. It should also help quell any anti-Steel Panther sentiment out there by showing that the band are a bunch of harmless fun-loving goofballs who do have a genuine love of metal.

Steel Panther have among their ranks ex-L.A. Guns and Fight members, and released their debut album, Feel the Steel, last year.

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I cant wait! I wouldnt miss it for the world!
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