71-Year-Old Wins iTunes' 10 Billionth Download Contest with Johnny Cash Song

> Feb 26 2010

71-Year-Old Wins iTunes' 10 Billionth Download Contest with Johnny Cash Song
By Stephen CarlickReady to have your heartstrings tugged?

Apple recently held a contest in which the person who downloaded the ten billionth iTunes song would win $10,000 worth of free downloads from the company.

According to Entertainment Weekly, [via The Daily Swarm], that person ended up being 71-year-old Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, GA, whose download, Johnny Cash's "Guess Things Happen That Way," was meant for his new iPod Nano, which his children bought him for Christmas.

As congratulations for his download, Sulcer received phone calls from both Apple CEO Steve Jobs ("I thought it was my son, he's always a joker. I kept saying, 'Come on, Kevin, I know it's you!") and Cash's daughter, Rosanne Cash, who, along with her husband, played the song for him over the phone.

Sulcer is a huge Johnny Cash fan, and admitted to EW, "My whole life, I had never understood why people go see movies twice, but I've seen Walk the Line four times. My kids finally bought me the DVD. And I was pretty sure I had all of his music, but I was just checking iTunes, listening to those little 20 or 30 second clips, and I found this one. It has some good pickin' in it!"

Asked what he was going to do with the prize, Sulcer explained, "I'm gonna give my daughter's husband some of it. I feel very fortunate and lucky. I never won anything. But to be 71 is lucky enough! I got my kids and my grandkids, it's almost spring and the fish are coming in. I'm in great shape and just enjoying life."

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