Coliseum: A Real Interview

> > Jun 14 2008

Coliseum: A Real Interview
By Sam SutherlandColiseum are probably one the best heavy bands currently playing heavy music. They're just so, so heavy. And the coolest guys ever. This interview happened a few weeks ago, when the idea of doing an interview outside was refreshing and original (now everyone is copying us). On their first headlining tour since releasing the awesome (like, biblically) No Salvation last year, the band seemed to have a lot on their mind. The result was an in-depth and thoughtful interview that never once allowed me to ask about the band's favourite Mexican food or 90210 character. While I assure regular Exclaim!TV viewers that we'll be back to making bands punch each other in the face next week, sometimes it's nice to just accept the fact that a band rules and that it's nice to just have a conversation with them. Coliseum are an awesome band.

Coliseum "Set it Straight / No Benefit / Fall of the Pigs"

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