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'Wasted Potential EP'

> > Apr 07 2014

Wasted Potential - 'Wasted Potential EP'
By Gregory AdamsWhen not getting blitzed in the basement, London, ON partiers Wasted Potential are serving up beer-soaked, punk-influenced blasts. Some of the outfit's earliest material is being collected on a new self-titled EP, which you can hear in full ahead of the record's April 15 digital due date through Get Party Records.

According to the band, the six-song effort was written while "drunk in a basement, delayed by a skateboarding injury and recorded drunk in another basement," with Turbonegro and AFI used as touchstones to Wasted Potential's sound. Flirting with pop punk, hard rock and metal qualities, the band also bring to mind '90s CanPunks Trigger Happy.

Thick walls of distortion and speedy beats are the group's specialty, while poppy melodies are punched up by searing guitar solos on "Two Pumps and a Quiver" and "Here's Your Exit Letter." "Urine Luck" takes more of a brawny approach, meshing the same kind of over-the-top guitar leads with a late '80s hard rock crunch and a mix of smooth and screamed vocals.

A 7-inch release is expected in early May, with a release party set for May 2 at Toronto's Sneaky Dee's with the Victim Party.

For now, stream the entire EP below.

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this is awful. a real bullshit band, IMHO.
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Hey scotchtape. You're bullshit, real bullshit.... IMHO.
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