"Soma" (Hooded Fang) / "Haberdash" (Phèdre)

> > Sep 19 2012

Various - "Soma" (Hooded Fang) / "Haberdash" (Phèdre)
By Exclaim! StaffPop Montreal kicks off this week, and as part of the Scion Sessions, Canadian labels Daps Records and Hand Drawn Dracula have joined forces for an exclusive split 12-inch. On the Daps side of things, we already shared the 12-inch tracks from Odonis Odonis and Beta Frontiers, but now you can also listen to the contributions from Hooded Fang and Phèdre.

First up is Hooded Fang's "Soma," a previously unreleased track. According to a statement from the band, "I don't really remember what this song is about. It's more of a groove- oriented track. We're probably going to have a different recording ofit on the next album, if we decide to put it on the record."

Then we have Phèdre's "Haberdash," which the project shared earlier this year. As the band state, "This is a space song about being stranded on a planet and all your coworkers are dead. It is a dire position to be in but somehow the resolution that there is no hope of survival brings about some kind of freedom to the main character."

For now, check out both tracks below.

The full Scion Sessions 12-inch will be free to all attendees of the Pop Montreal show at CFC Bar Thursday (September 20). You can win tickets to the event here.

You can get more info about the project here. Also, you can win a copy of the 12-inch, as well as some other Scion releases, here at

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