'Have Not Been the Same' (album stream)

> > Nov 05 2012

Various - 'Have Not Been the Same' (album stream)
By Alex HudsonFollowing a previous collection of Canadian covers, the book Have Not Been the Same: The CanRock Renaissance 1985-1995 has spawned another star-studded compilation album. This time, a heap of Canuck artists have offered up rare and unreleased material for the disc, which will come out on November 13 through Pheromone Records. Prior to the official release date, though, you can stream the whole thing at

Among the contributors are Sloan, Skydiggers, Weeping Tile, Doughboys, the Pursuit of Happiness, Change of Heart, the Grapes of Wrath and NoMeansNo. In total, there are 21 songs available on CD, double-LP or digital download.

This album has been in the back of the writers' minds for some time. Co-author Jason Schneider (a staffer here at Exclaim!) said in a statement, "This has been part of the plan since the book was first published in 2001. I'm grateful to all of the artists for donating their work, and in many cases going the extra mile in giving me something really special that very few people have ever heard before. I'm confident that this compilation will shed new light on an era of Canadian music that is still in process of being rediscovered."

All album sale proceeds go to Kids Help Phone. This compilation follows the 10th anniversary reprinting of Have Not Been the Same, which came out last year.

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Slow is by far the most underrated Canuck band to have ever existed. Awesome!
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but a little further down the list you would have found God.
Or as we all who knew and loved them called them The Nils!
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CONFESSION: While DJing on CHRW back in 88 or 89, I pronounced NoMeansNo as Nomeeyanzno.
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SMILE is one of the most underrated Canuck songs of allllll time allll time alll time.
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