'Daps Records Sampler Vol. I'

> > Feb 08 2012

Various - 'Daps Records Sampler Vol. I'
By Alex HudsonWe've been hearing an awful lot about Daps Records lately, as the Toronto-based label has amassed an impressive roster that includes Hooded Fang, Odonis Odonis, Doldrums and Phèdre. You'll hear those bands and more on the record company's new mix, which has the self-explanatory title Daps Records Sampler Vol. I.

The sampler, which you can check out below, contains 11 songs, each from a different act from the Daps Records stable. The folks who run the label -- founders Daniel Lee and April Aliermo and artist manager Ian Chai -- are also members of Hooded Fang, Odonis Odonis, and Phèdre, so this is very much a DIY affair.

If you're a fan of Toronto indie music, you'll likely hear some familiar voices, but there's bound to be a few new acts in the mix as well. And if you're looking to experience Daps in the flesh, the label will be holding a showcase at Toronto's Great Hall on February 24, when Hooded Fang, Doldrums, Phèdre, Moon King and L Con will all play.

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doldrums is not on Daps Records....
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You have no idea what you're talking about.
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he is in canada
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Canada is not in Daps Records. He is a doldrum.
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you are a doldrum
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murdlod a era uoy
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Doldrums on VHS for the win!
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